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ChinaHand VIP Card (VIP卡)
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服务专线:王亚军  电话:029-88861477  18991280889

1.This card is a VIP card, which can be used in 230+ cities in China to take buses and subways, and to make reservation of 2000+ scenic spots.

2.If you choose prepaid amount, the amount will be recharged to the card.

3.After the purchase of the card, the cards are sent by express delivery, and the address is only in China.

4.30 yuan in cash and can be used on the bus and subway. 

5.Cards support NFC cell phone recharge.

6.The scenic spots reservation function of the card is valid for one year from the date of activation.

7.Once you are out of danger, please contact the claim: 95511-- 6(365 days * 24 hours)

Service Line: Yajun Wang  Tel: 029-88861477/18991280889

Card Details
VIP Card是ChinaHand的交通和景区卡,是普通卡(Transit Card)的升级版,除了包括230+城市的公交、地铁,一年有效期的30万的交通出行保险,还包括2000+以上的景点优惠以及酒店折扣。使用前,需要对卡进行激活。在官网输入19位卡号和8位激活码及身份信息,完成激活方可预约景点。 让您一卡在手,畅游中国。

VIP Card is a transportation & scenic spot card. It is upgraded version of Transit Card. Except for 230+ cities' buses and subways and effective travel insurance worth ¥300000, it includes more than 2000+ spots and hotel discounts. Before use the card, you need to activate it. Activate the card by inputting the card NO. and activation code and ID information. You can reserve scenic spot after activation. With the card, Enjoy your Chinese travel to the full!