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一、 景点预约后,现场无法取票?
After the reservation, the ticket is not available at the spot?
Please contact customer service to solve.
Can you visit the scenic spots without reservations ?
No, you need to reserve in advance.
Loss and Reapplication
     The loss and reapplication procedures are only aimed at the registered and activated users. The card holders who have not conducted registration and activation can’t carry out background information verification, old card cancellation, or new card reapplication.
     The valid period of the reapplied card is the same as the lost card.
     Please call the nationwide customer service 400-829-1122 for new card reapplication. Register the registration name, cell phone number, postal address and other relevant information. After checking and registration by the customer service, the card holder will transfer the fee to the designated account of the customer service, the new card will be granted within 15 working days and sent to the card holder by express.
     After receiving the new card, the user still needs to use the registration information to log in the official website or the WeChat official website to activate the new card again according to the previous steps.