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Card introduction


不仅如此,它的神奇之处还在于,持卡人可享受特定景点和酒店的超值折扣。此卡分为普通卡(Transit Card)和VIP卡两种。VIP Card除涵盖181个城市的公交、地铁,含一年有效的30万交通出行保险之外,还包括2000+以上的景点优惠以及酒店折扣。

真正实现一卡通,通天下! 让您一卡在手,畅游中国。

It’s necessary to consider transportation when travelling in China. Every city in China has its own traffic cards. The ChinaHand traffic card is China's first nationwide transportation card for both subway and public transportation.

Moreover, the magic of it is that cardholders can enjoy premium discounts for specific spots and hotels. There are two types of the card, ordinary card (Transit Card) and VIP card. VIP Card covers 181 cities' buses and subways, including effective travel insurance worth ¥300000 for a year, including more than 2000+ spots and hotel discounts.

With the card, Enjoy your Chinese travel to the full!