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Purchase Method by Travel Card Ticket
1. 线上预约景点
第一步: 请登录ChinaHand官网www.chinahandcard.com或古藤堡APP,认证激活VIP卡。
第二步: 选择景区点击“立即预约”,选择门票类型,预约时间和卡片,即可预约景点。
Reserve the spots online
Step1: Activate your VIP Card on website( www.chinahandcard.com), or on the GutenZone APP.
Step2: Select Scenic Spot, click on “Reserve now”.

2. 景区取票
3)ChinaHand VIP卡
Get your ticket at the ticket office
Before you go to the spots, please bring the following items:
1) Reservation certificate: Open GutenZone APP, find my reservations, reservation details, and click the “Reservation certificate”.
2) Passport/ID Card
3) VIP Card
Show the items above to the conductor, and you can get discount ticket.
Instructions for Tourism Rights and Interests of Xi’an One-card-through
     The card is valid for 365 days from the date when the user purchases and activates the tourism rights and interests at the counter.
     The tourism rights and interests are only limited to the user himself after being activated, shall not be lent to others, and shall not be used as a business purpose.
去景区前,请携带如下物品:      1)预约凭证:在我的预约中打开预约详情,点击按钮“预约凭证“,获取“验证成功”界面
     3)ChinaHand VIP卡
Get your ticket at the ticket office
Before you go to the spots, please bring the following items:
     1) Reservation certificate: Open GutenZone APP, find my reservations, reservation details, and click the “Reservation certificate”.
     2) Passport/ID Card
     3) VIP Card
Show the items above to the conductor, and you can get discount ticket.
     Each card is limited to be used only once in a scenic area per day. The card holder enjoys a discount for the tour in a cooperative scenic area, a single member of; if the member and the entourage travel together, the member himself can have free ticket, and the entourage enjoy a discount (be subject to the preferential rules of the scenic areas published on the website); the accompanying personnel are limited to 5 people (except the member himself, including 5).
     The free ticket or discount of Chang’an Card is only limited to the first main gate ticket specified in the scenic area (scenic spot), whether it can be used with other discounts of the scenic area (scenic spot) at the same time shall be subject to the provisions of the scenic area (scenic spot).
     Chang’an Card cannot be used together with (including but not limited to) various travel cards, tourist passports, tourism year tickets, discount coupons, etc.
     If the members or entourage (including but not limited to) have the elderly, soldiers, children, students, etc. who already enjoyed ticket discounts such as free ticket elderly or student half price, they shall no longer belong to the card members or entourage, and not enjoy the corresponding preferential policies of the card.
     If the member’s entourage also holds the Chang’an Card, it shall be deemed as the member's single person card, and the member holding the card shall enjoy the corresponding single person discount.
     With regard to whether the Chang’an Card can be normally used during May Day and National Day and other legal holidays as well as festival activities organized by the scenic areas themselves shall be subject to the scenic notification.
       The effective time of the Chang’an Card in the same scenic area (scenic spot) shall be executed according to the visiting time specified by the scenic area.
       When the Chang’an Card is used in other cooperative units, it shall be subject to the preferential rules of each cooperative enterprise issued on the official website.
     If the member fails to visit due to force majeure, including but not limited to earthquake, war, natural disaster, scenic area closed and other reasons, the producer, issuer and scenic area partner shall not bear any economic or legal responsibility.
     If the reservation fails due to objective reasons of the scenic area, including but not limited to reception saturation, maintenance, closing and other reasons, the producer and issuer shall not bear any legal and economic responsibility, and shall not be liable for compensation.
     The three products of the “Chang’an Card do not cover scenic area insurance, insurance can be applied to buy from the scenic area by yourself if necessary, the producer and the issuer do not bear any responsibility for safety and insurance in the scenic area.
     In case of any problem, please call 400-829-1122 immediately. Any user who activates this card will enjoy all kinds of rights and interests and coverage during the valid period, such as reservation and booking tickets of the scenic area, scenic area verification, loss and reapplication, complaint handling, etc., and non-activated members are not included in the scope of coverage.
     Please read User Instructions on official website and WeChat for more specific use method of the Chang’an Card.
     The Chang’an Card is honor-produced by Xi’an City One-card-through Co., Ltd.; the preferential service of scenic areas is provided by Xi’an Xinglv Information Technology Co., Ltd., and both parties jointly reserve the ultimate right of interpretation.